VIISAN Book Scanner

2020-02-12 18:30:00

K21 Smart & Professional Camera Scanner

Meet All Your Digitization Needs

Scan all types of documents, such as receipts, contracts, certificates, business cards, photos, and drawings at max. up to A3 size. Especially for scan thick books.

The K21 equips with a 20.1-megapixel high-resolution image sensor that allows you to capture the most beautiful details.

Accurately guiding where you can place the books or documents under the scanner by using the laser positioning technology.

Built-in high brightness LED lamp that allows you to take clear photos even in the dark. The smart multi-level lighting control allows you to adjust the brightness according to the environment.

Scan a book using the page-turning detection, which automatically starts a scan when detected a page is turned. It’s a very useful feature and without dismantling of book, when you scan multiple pages in a book continuously.

Automatic flattening of curled pages and erases the finger images, purify background and automatically split them into two pages.

Scan, convert, save, and share directly from your laptop to the mobile phone by scanning the generated QR code.

VIISAN document scanning software features an intuitive operating user interface and lots of benefits. By using the advanced scanning software you can quickly scan documents or books with the smart image processing settings into a JPEG file, converting scanned images into a searchable PDF or an editable Word, Excel or Text formats with its powerful OCR function, recognize barcodes, make a photocopy, scan to the email attached, and record video.

Thanks to the sub-camera recording function, the supply OfficeCam software allows you to create an interactive video tutorial by using the laptop webcam with the scanner to record yourself teaching.

With the innovative visualizer function, you can easier project your laptop screen with connected a projector plus using the embedded whiteboard tool function during the meeting.

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